A moving house checklist

Handy moving house checklist guide

Moving home has never been easy, and it becomes more stressful and exhausting if you haven’t contacted any professional company to help you relocate things. Once you have finalized your moving date, the next thing you have to do is start preparations for the transfer of household items.

You can’t plan about moving house in two to three days. So you must start preparations for moving house almost eight weeks before the moving date.

The First step:

The first step you have to take is collecting boxes to pack moving items in them. Boxes should be of variable size. You can get those boxes from many removal companies and we can provide you with the best of those boxes.

The next thing to account for is finding whether you have some items which are not useful anymore. You can donate, sell or even throw away things that are useless.

Six weeks before leaving home:

Six weeks before moving house, you need to contact local home removals companies in your area. The worth mentioning thing is that many of the well-known house moving companies are booked weeks before the moving date, mainly during the summer. So, you must approach those firms at least 5-6 weeks ago.

Professional Removals leaves no stone unturned in providing you best service on your moving day. In most cases, we will be there for you even if you approach us on the eleventh hour of moving house.

Four weeks before moving:

Four weeks before moving day, you need to get a list of things you are taking to your new home.
You need to pack the items in appropriate boxes and then seal those boxes with scotch tape. Securing boxes with tape will provide extra safety . Don’t forget to mention the item’s name on the top of each box. Labelling will help you big time while unloading items.

One thing you need to remember is just pack up those items which won’t be required in the upcoming month i.e. CDs, DVDs, religious ornaments, summer items etc

Get Packing:

You should start packing the rest of the items one week before the day of moving. Don’t delay it any further because it would become impossible for you to pack material at the last minute. Pack each item in boxes and place similar things in similar boxes. The highest ranked firms provide packing services to their clients. We do the same.

We will take every care of your household items, and you can just relax and think about your upcoming home. Once you are done with packing, you can clean this house and make it feasible for future residents.