How to downsize your home or business

Downsize your home or business

To downsize your home or business can be overwhelming if you’re moving into a smaller home for the first time. A key to downsizing is eliminating unnecessary items and minimising what you have without tossing essentials.

That might sound simple enough. Yet, you might find yourself holding on to items you want without prioritising room for the most important things. As a result, downsizing your home and belongings turns into a challenging task. However, downsizing can be made easier if you know what to do. Here are a few expert downsizing tips to get you started.

Give yourself plenty of time!

When downsizing your home, don’t underestimate how difficult it will be to declutter. Starting 90 days in advance is preferable to starting a month before and rushing the process. You don’t have to discard everything immediately. When it comes to downsizing your belongings and planning for the move, you should take as much time as you think you’ll need. Make rational decisions about what to downsize and declutter by allowing yourself to reflect instead of rushing to eliminate everything.

Organise your belongings

When you downsize to a smaller house, you won’t be able to store all the items you’ve collected over the years. Take inventory of your possessions before you begin packing.

In sorting through everything, you should separate the essentials from the aspirational items. It’s probably a good idea to throw out anything you haven’t used for the past year. It is definitely a good idea to get rid of something you aren’t even aware you have. It is important to keep only what you need during the downsizing process.

Digitalize whenever possible

The amount of paper clutter increases over time. Don’t throw away old receipts or bills. Sort them and recycle what you don’t need. A plastic bin is good for storing older paper documents, such as tax returns from the past decade. You may need other records and receipts in the future, so scan them and shred them.

You can also convert your home videos, photos, and music to digital format. You won’t have to part with anything you’d otherwise keep in your living room and office, thereby freeing up valuable space. In the era of endless streaming services, there’s no point in hanging on to scratched DVDs, CDs, or VHS tapes. Don’t hesitate to toss them out.

Declutter one room at a time

It’s usually better to declutter one room at a time rather than your entire home because it can be stressful. You can simplify your work by breaking down a large task into smaller ones. It is important to stay organised so that you will not become overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. The bedroom is a good place to start. Making arrangements to remove one bed will be necessary if you move from a three-bed house to a two-bed house. Depending on what you want to do with it, you can sell it, donate it or put it in storage.

Take measurements of your new space.

When you’re downsizing, determine the size of the space you want. Record the room measurements with a tape measure or the floorplan of your new property. It will help you decide where to place your furniture and get a sense of the space. You may have to throw away some items if they don’t fit in the new space. It would be better to simplify and redesign your space rather than cramming them in your new home.

Hire a professional removals company

When it comes to managing and maintaining your property, downsizing is a great option. Living in or running an office in a smaller space is also usually more affordable. However, it takes a lot of planning and effort to prepare to downsize your home. Save yourself some stress by hiring a removal company with experience in downsizing. You can count on them to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition to a smaller home. The process of downsizing can be challenging and stressful, but when you hire a reputable removal company, it becomes much easier.

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