Moving Home During Heatwaves

6 Tips For Moving Home During A Heatwave

Relocation activities are in full swing this summer, but so is a severe heat wave. And moving home during heatwaves can be particularly difficult. Because things take longer to cool down during the day, and you have to move everything out of your old house before it gets too hot outside.

To make your moving experience as comfortable as possible during a heatwave, here are a few tips:

1. Get the Help of Experts

It may seem convenient to do the packing and lifting on your own while moving, but you may find it difficult as you find items, wrap them up, pack them, and load them. However, the day can be made so much easier by hiring movers. You can sit back, relax, and let them handle the packing, lifting, loading, and unloading. They can also help you make arrangements for your new house.

2. Plan Ahead

Prepare yourself mentally by going over what you need to do before you start moving. Avoid making last-minute decisions concerning your move by planning ahead and packing everything you need into boxes that will fit through doorways and hallways easily (this includes furniture).

3. Stay Hydrated

Moving is physically exhausting. It’s a lot of walking and lifting, and you’ll need lots of water. Bring water bottles with you and ensure you drink enough water throughout the day. Even better, put some bottles in the freezer the night before to keep it cold longer, or pack a cooler with you. If you’re feeling dizzy or lightheaded, drink more water.

4. Use Air Conditioning

It’s important to use air conditioning as much as possible when you move into your new home during a heatwave. That helps keep your body cool and prevents sickness from occurring due to excessive sweating in hot weather conditions.

5. Stay in the Shade

Wear a floppy hat if you are going to be outside to observe the removal men at work. It will keep your neck and face shaded. It is also advisable to keep children away from the sun and ask them not to over-exert themselves while handling boxes or toys because they can easily get heat stroke, especially when they are excited.

Moreover, ensure your pets are kept in the shade with plenty of ventilation. It is best to place your pets in a shaded area with water readily available to drink at all times and in a pet carrier with plenty of holes, such as a woven basket or cage. This way, your pets will remain safe and out of harm’s way during the move, plus you’ll be able to leave for your new home without worrying about them wandering off.

6. Rest When Necessary

The moving process will take time. Even if you move everything in one trip, it can take hours before you can even begin unpacking after loading and unloading. In hot weather, rest is advised. So sit on the floor, relax, and take a break.

There you have it! Moving home during a heatwave can be a very stressful time. However, it doesn’t have to be. Following the above tips, your move during the hot weather can go smoothly.